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  • The fast way to get invaluable business experience.

    Want to know how a business works? Thinking of setting up your own small business? Search our database of companies willing to provide work experience.

    Unlike the much-criticised traditional internships with large companies where you work for long periods in menial roles and learn very little, our placements are typically with small businesses where you'll be shadowing the owner, and learning how their business works.

    You can't get this kind of information elsewhere. And while you'll have to pay a fee, it's a small amount compared with the insider secrets you'll learn from your chosen business.

    How it works

    1. Search our database. Select a profession that interests you. And then select a town or city near you. Check out the businesses who are willing to provide you with an opportunity.

    2. Apply for a placement with a business. You'll then be notified if you've been selected. In most cases, you will have to pay a daily fee, as shown in each employer's details.

    Check out who's available now. More businesses are joining every week.

    Unsure? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions. Or make contact with us.