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  • The opportunity

    Want to get ahead? Want to learn how a specific profession works? Etsio is your passport to discovery. We offer exclusive training with the country's top small businesses. Read more.

  • The types of opportunities on offer

    We have many different professions, from life coaches to personal trainers. Find the profession that interests you, and then see if there's a business near you.

  • Making the most of your placement

    We'll give you a briefing document, so you'll know all about the business; and you'll be ready to learn. Prior to your arrival, you'll have filled out a document listing what you want to know. So the business will be aware of what you'd like to do.

  • What it costs

    Some of the small businesses registered with us will take a candidate without charge, but most require a fee. This can range from £50 to £140 a day. See what each is offering, and make your choice.

  • How to get ahead

    There's a Catch-22. You can't get a job without experience; and you can't get experience without a job. Etsio breaks that loop by finding small businesses willing to give you work experience for a fee.


  • How employers benefit

    You probably get requests from people seeking work experience. In the past, you may have felt it would take too much time and effort for little reward. By providing your business with a fee, Etsio makes it more worthwhile for you to give someone a valuable insight into your profession.

  • Got projects that need doing?

    Many small businesses don't do enough marketing, business development, or market research. If there are projects you never quite get around to, offering a short term placement could be the answer. Imagine how your business could grow if you had an extra pair of hands. And then register with us.

  • Does your business have sought-after skills?

    Some businesses are highly sought after by candidates. We’re particularly interested in talking to businesses in the media or publishing world. But whatever your line of work, register now. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the applications you get.

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