Can you offer work experience? We’ll pay you for it.

  • Why it makes sense to offer training.

    Many people are keen to know what it's like to work in a business like yours.

    Some are seeking to improve their CV. Others want to see if they're suited to the kind of work you do.

    So it's a great opportunity for you to take someone on for a few days. And get paid for your trouble.

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    How it works

    Simply add your contact details to our database, by clicking here. It takes only two minutes, and your personal details won't be visible to applicants.

    Applicants will see the information you choose to say about your business, and will apply to you for work experience.

    You can accept or reject the application, and if you accept we'll put you in touch.

    Adding your details is free. And we'll pay you to take the applicant for the agreed period of time. Plus, we provide you with a checklist, suggested work activities, and day plans - so you don't have to spend time working out how to manage them. That way, the applicant will be a real help to your business, while getting the experience they need.

    The candidate will have signed a legally binding agreement, so we'll have sorted out the legal issues for you in advance.

    You can remove your listing at any time.

    Any questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions. Make contact with us here. Login. Or Sign up here.